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More handy  information on health & well-being:

Handy linksExercise Physiology South has a Facebook page with topical information about improving health through exercise:

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We encourage clients to take a whole-of-lifestyle approach when it comes to health.  We encourage you to keep up to date with the latest information on health, exercise and lifestyle issues, particularly if you suffer from a chronic illness, and to carry out individual research.


The following is a list of handy links you may wish to explore yourself.

  • Arthritis Australia:  To find out more visit their website.
  • Australian Government Department of Health Physical Activity Guidelines:  Read or download the guidelines HERE.
  • Australian Government Quit Smoking Now:  If you would like information on quitting smoking visit their website.
  • Australian Guide to Healthy Eating:  Read or download the guide HERE.
  • Diabetes South Australia:  Visit them on Facebook or their website.
  • Exercise Is Medicine:   Visit them on Facebook or their website.
  • Exercise Physiology South:  For our latest news and postings visit and like us on Facebook.  
  • Heart Foundation Australia: Visit them on Facebook or their website.
  • Lung Foundation Australia: Visit them on Facebook or their website.
  • Mental Health Australia:  The find out more visit them on Facebook or their website.
  • Osteoporosis Australia:  Visit them on Facebook or their website.
  • Parkinsons Disease: To find out more about Parkinsons Disease visit their website.


If you have visited a handy website recently that you believe is relevant to our services or our clients please let us know so we can add to our list.


DISCLAIMER:  Exercise Physiology South has posted third-party links to this site in good faith. They are not a substitute for individualised, personal advice provided by a health care professional. Their content was seen as relevant and appropriate at the time of posting.  Exercise Physiology South strongly advises you to obtain a health check prior to changing your exercise, diet or lifestyle regime.